1) What exactly is our program?

It is a perpetual cash leveraging program. Leveraging is a temporary separation of your money. The rich continue to become richer because they understand this concept.

2) How do people generate money in this program?

Thousands of people every day are looking for a way to generate money from home. They answer one of our many Internet, newspaper or magazine ads. These people are actually waiting for us to return their calls. Our 30 minute call explains everything for all of us.  

3) Where's the product?

There is no product. People either understand the concept of cash leveraging or they do not. It is estimated that 97% of people that start a home based business fail because they cannot market their product effectively and either hate to sell or simply cannot sell. Again, we do NOT sell anything.

4) Is this program legal?

100% by design and structure. This program is by invitation only. Consider yourself very fortunate if you've been invited to listen to one of our calls.

5) When do these calls take place?

We have 15 LIVE calls each week for you and your guests.

6) Who is this program for?

For anyone looking for a way to generate money from home with no selling, explaining or convincing. Listen to the testimonials to see what ordinary individuals are experiencing in this program.

7) Do I have to be a good salesperson to be successful?

No, not at all. Most salespeople bring their sales skills to this program and tend to do worse than others. Again, we do NOT sell anything.

8) How much money can I really generate in this program?

It all depends on your efforts. The more people you get to the information call, the more you will receive. Many people generate $5000 or more in their first 1-3 weeks.

9) Is this a pyramid, network marketing or Internet scam?

Absolutely not. This program has been around since 2001 with 40,000+ Members, and in 16 countries.

10) Will I need any money to join?

Yes. There is a cost to everything, but over 90% use the strategy of OPM (Other People's Money). Your Inviter can show you atleast 20 different ways to utilize this strategy. There are 3 levels of participation suited for almost everyone's needs. The information call explains all 3 levels.

11) I have more questions after the workshop call. What should I do?

Call your inviter back. They can help you and direct you to the program's website for even further assistance.

12) But I'm broke. How do I get started?

The vast majority of people that join are broke. There are various options where you do NOT have to use your own money. This entire program is based upon giving a hand up to those having a strong desire in becoming financially free. Ask your inviter about these many options.

13) Why can't I see the program's website before the call?

This is a private activity and the website is password protected. The core focus of our program is the information call.

14) Since I can't see the website before the call, why was this one created?

This website was created for our team members to show others the simplicity of the program and results many of us are enjoying.  

15) Does everyone that I direct to the call, join?

No, but many do. Some prefer to start an expensive franchise, sell products, conduct meetings, recruit people or keep their 9-5 jobs.

16) I've never done anything like this before. Is there any training and support provided for newcomers?

Absolutely. We have live training and support calls 6 days a week with the top trainers in our program. These calls are recorded in the event you miss the live training.

17) After the information call, can I expect my inviter to call me back and convince me to join?

Absolutely not. We do NOT chase anyone in this program, and you will NOT either. This is exactly what separates us from every other home based program. There are simply too many people joining this program for any of us to waste time chasing others. You either understand the concept of cash leveraging or you do not.

18) Are there any recurring fees after I join?

Yes. There is a nominal yearly web hosting fee that must be paid. You won't have access to your "back office" or be able to track your receiving lines without the proprietary software.

19) It sounds too good to be true. Is it?

No, not at all. Listen to the testimonials on this website and every LIVE call. You will hear how this program is literally changing people's lives.

20) I would love to know more, but only have a couple minutes right now. Can I hear more about this program?

Yes, you sure can. Dial (212) 461-2787 any time for a 4 minute overview of this program.

21) What is my next step?

You have 2 options. Contact the member that sent you to this website, or submit your information on the "LIVE Call" page. Someone will contact you soon.